iPad prompter details

A cost effective prompter for one man camera operator / editor. Easily shoulder mountable, the lightweight and robust prompter comes with:

  • Vacuum formed prompter body with 60mm vertical adjustment, accommodates lens diameters up to 110mm diameter
  • Wide open face allows a wide angle view of 10mm (2/3rds chip) or the 35mm SLR equivalent of approx 16mm wide-angle – for obstruction free framing
  • DSLR Rail mount (fits DSLR and ENG cameras) – Rods are standard 15mm diameter at 60mm centres (fits all DSLR systems) 250mm long allowing plenty of horizontal adjustment
  • 50:50 Beam splitter glass – easily removed for cleaning – mirror cleaning gear – spray, cloth and gloves
  • iPad tray to protect iPad – inserts into prompter with a secure interference fit
  • 5mm and 4mm Allen keys (allows the rail mount tripod bracket to fit to the prompter block if required) i.e. mount the prompter on a tripod without the DSLR rail system
  • Flight case
  • Optional extra: Horizontal offset mount – this bracket allows cameras with an offset tripod mount to be centred on the prompter – as in the Canon H1 in the video. In addition the horizontal offset bracket allows an extra vertical adjustment of 55mm, add this to the 60mm adjustment of the prompter – that’s a total of 115mm vertical adjustment
  • Weight: Prompter with DSLR rail system – No camera, No iPad = 1520 grams. Prompter with iPad and DSLR rail system – No camera = 2100 grams. Prompter in Flight Case, No camera, No iPad = 6230 grams.
  • Easily shoulder mounted for walking talking shots
  • All metal work anodised for durability.
  • Built in the UK
  • Price £350 No VAT
  • Shipping: UK Mainland – 3 day delivery tracked £50. Please contact us for shipping costs to rest of the world.
  • Prompter App – there are a wide range of prompter apps out there but we recommend teleprompt+ app by bombingbrain.com

PLEASE NOTE: iPad 2 or iPad 3 and prompter app not included